When I dream, I normally have nightmares. Perhaps it’s one of the drawbacks of being a horror movie junkie, but this week has been particularly brutal.

The first dream, I was running from a serial killer who only killed people who were awake in the house. My husband and children were safe because they were asleep, however, I was awake in this dream and the killer continually came after me. The dream seemed so real. I swear I could smell the grass when I ran from him. I felt pain in my leg when I landed after a fall.

The next dream, a snake bit into my stomach. Its fangs were stuck in my stomach and the rest of its body writhed as it tried to dislodge from my skin. I swear I could literally the snake’s body flailing back and forth, as well as pain in my stomach from where it bit me. It seemed so real that I sat up in bed thinking I had a snake attached to me.

I’m scared to go to sleep tonight.


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